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The solution: EMF-Bioshield®/TEL

Efficient, convenient and cheap, it allows you to use your cell phone any which way you want without worrying about its impact on your health and the health and safety of your loved ones.

EMF Bioshield


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All right, but what is it exactly?

The EMF-Bioshield®/TEL system protects cell phone users from physical harm caused by the pulsed electromagnetic waves emitted by their mobile, especially with regard to their brain.

This system comes shaped like a flat pill (in fact it contains a complex electronics chip) that one sticks to the back of one's cell phone (as close as possible to the antenna).

Easy to use

Phone and EMF BioshieldTELThe latest advances in nano-technology industry have led to a reduction of the size of this protection to 17mm (0.7"), making it easy to install on the smallest cell phones currently on the market, including Bluetooth-enabled ear pieces. For an optimum result, EMF-Bioshield®/TEL needs to be placed as close as possible to the antenna (if the antenna doesn't show on your cell phone, be sure to look up your user guide to find out where it is located inside). With its small size and designer look, the EMF-Bioshield®/TEL system is unobtrusive and easy to stick to your cell phone.

How does it work?

As soon as your cell phone is turned on, it starts emitting pulsed electromagnetic waves, looking for the closest relay tower, and signals from the closest tower are beamed back. The EMF-Bioshield®/TEL system reacts instantly to these signals by generating a counter-phase resonance that eliminates the harmful biological impact caused by the pulsed transmissions on all cells (particularly on the cell phone user's brain cells). In practical terms, what that means is that the EMF-Bioshield®/TEL system generates a counter-phase resonance which instantly turns fragmented waves into harmless linear ones, thus protecting your brain without adversely impacting the quality of transmissions.

fonctionnement du EMFBioshieldtel

Test results

The effectiveness of the EMF-Bioshield®/TEL has been tested and validated in several international research centers. The blood test in particular yields impressive results. Electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones polarize hemoglobin cells in the blood, turning them into micro-magnets that stick to each other. This causes the red blood cells to congregate into clumps, significantly reducing the surface through which they can absorb and transport oxygen. The decrease in oxygen transfer to the brain and other organs is a factor that contributes to general fatigue and other physiological troubles. But with EMF-Bioshield®/TEL, this polarization doesn't take place! Red blood cells do not clump together any more.

When no cell phone is used,
red blood cells move freely.

After 10 min of cell phone use
with EMF-Bioshield®/Tel,
red blood cells still move freely.

But after 10 min of cell phone use
without EMF-Bioshield®/Tel,
red blood cells clump together.

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